Frequently Asked Questions

With a growing partnership how do you ensure your programme is still individualised/bespoke?

We have a partnership of 14 schools which puts us in a very strong position to cater for trainees across a wide geographical area. It also ensures our trainees get a wide experience of working in schools in differing contexts. One of the things our trainees value most is the fantastic opportunity to work with peers who are going through exactly the same experience in the same setting. We pride ourselves on knowing our trainees and we offer personalised individual pastoral support.

What support will I get over my training year?

  • Mentors
  • Subject team
  • Central team
  • University
  • Pastoral coaching
  • SCITT Leads

Where will my placement school be?

When we make candidates an offer we do not do so with a home placement school attached. We take the placement of our trainees very seriously and work hard to ensure that trainees are placed in schools that will provide them with the best training experience possible. We take many factors in to consideration when choosing our trainees schools, such as whether a school has the capacity to provide an outstanding mentor and geographical location. We would not expect trainees to have to travel for more than an hour to get to their placement school. Most trainee's commute is thirty minutes.

Will I do a PGCE?

We recognise that one of our strengths is adapting to the needs of our future trainee teachers. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer our fee-paying initial teacher training programmes as QTS only programmes for the fee of £7,200, alongside our PGCE programme. Our philosophy of teacher development is one rooted in a foundation of strong educational research so would always recommend that trainees embark on the full PGCE offer where appropriate to their context.

Trainees on the Core SCITT and School Direct Fee Paying routes do a PGCE as part of the course. See our course pages for more information.

Will it be the same as University?

  • Yes
  • Postgraduate certificate in Education
  • Worth 60 master credits
  • Exactly the same qualification


Your teacher training qualification can be made up of two elements. QTS we award and PGCE is awarded by Sussex University.

QTS – qualification for being a practicing teacher

The other one is the academic qualification

Can I do a PGCE on a School Direct Non Fee Paying route?

In our experience trainees on the School Direct Non-Fee Paying route are best not to try and do a PGCE as well. The demands of the course and the amount that you will be required to teach, often means it is not possible to complete a PGCE to the best of your ability.

My PGCE is accredited by University of Sussex will I be there a lot?

4 days for key note lectures

PGCE element delivered by University but at TSE venue

Can I teach overseas with QTS?

Not all countries recognise QTS and would therefore insist that teachers have a PGCE. We would advise that candidates look in to countries that they may want to teach in in the future, and if this is the case, opt for the Core SCITT or School Direct Fee Paying routes.

Do I qualify if I have overseas qualifications?

Many of our trainees have overseas qualifications. We would strongly suggest you visit the ENIC website before applying to see whether your qualifications are appropriate.

Is there a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course available for my subject?

You may be asked to complete a subject knowledge enhancement course as one of the conditions of your offer. The subjects in which an SKE is available are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computing
  • Mathematics
  • Design and Technology
  • Geography
  • Languages
  • English

What is involved in a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Course?

SKE programmes, and their content, are designed to reflect an individual's needs and to ensure that an applicant's subject knowledge is brought up to the appropriate level. SKE can vary in terms of duration, from an 8 week refresher or booster programme through to a 28 week programme. SKE can be offered by a wide range of providers and you can consider different options depending on your needs. Providers may include:

  • a university education department
  • a university subject department
  • in-house
  • online Learning
  • a blend of distance and face-to-face learning

Can I organise school experience days?

Yes, absolutely. The best way to do this is either to ask at your local school or we can assist you with school experience at one of the schools within our partnership. Please note that we can usually only accommodate one day of school experience per person. If you would like to come in to one of our schools and observe lessons in your chosen subject for a day, please contact:
Joanne Hawkins on [email protected] or Claire Brown on [email protected]

If my degree is not in my chosen subject, will I still be considered?

Potentially, yes. Eligibility for particular courses tends to follow the pattern below.

  • Trainees have studied a related degree e.g. Politics for a History trainee
  • Degree modules taken that support your choice of subject and an A Level
  • Related Work Experience and an A Level

If you are at all concerned about this, it would be best to contact us directly before application.