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Xavier Teach Southeast

Our newest 'TA to teacher' route seeks to offer a solution to the challenge that many of our potential candidates face, which is how to afford their teacher training.  

The two-year graduate TA programme supports current Primary Teaching Assistants (or HLTAs), to train to teach, part-time whilst retaining a role and salary within school.

The structure of the course is:

Year 1: 

  • 3 days in school as TA
  • 1 day of teaching in school as a trainee teacher 
  • 1 day of training with Xavier Teach SouthEast (Thursday for primary)

Year 2:

  • 3 days in school as TA
  • 2 days of teaching in school as a trainee teacher 

The one day of teaching (in Year 1) and two days of teaching (in Year 2) is flexibly divided across the week to best fit the school and current role. 

The course fee of £7200 which is payable in two equal amounts (one in Year 1 and one in Year 2), is generally payable by the school and is often negotiated with the school as a salary sacrifice (ie. deducted from the salary). Please see the table below for recommended options:


TA (SCP 1 minimum)

Apprentice (UQ1 minimum)

Training fee


5 days a week


£3600 by school


3 days a week

2 days UQ1 min

£3600 Apprentice



5 days UQ1 min

£3600 salary sacrifice to trainee